What is TPE?

Materials to produce seal gaskets for plastic and aluminum constructions alter each other – different types of rubber and halogen containing plastic give way to thermoplastic elastomers.

Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) is a kind of polymer that is elastic and flexible like rubber at ordinary temperature and becomes soft like thermoplastic at high temperatures.

TPE is block polymer where elastic blocks alternate thermoplastic (polystyrene) blocks.

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Advantages of seals made of TPE (SEBS):

  • High ozone and UV resistance, color and position of seal doesn’t matter (indoors or outdoors).
  • High frost-resistance of products (-60 centigrade).
  • Strain stability, equipment ready date.
  • Guaranteed service life for seals made of TPE produced by Standart-prof – over 10 years in accordance with all union state standards (ГОСТ 30778-2001 “Sealing gaskets for windows and doors made of TPE”).
  • Choose any color you want (RAL). We add coloring agents and preserve properties of seals made of TPE (TPE-S) in contrast to seals made of other materials (TPE, EPDM rubber…).
  • Seals made of TPE are produced without chemical cure that makes them cheaper and customers have a greater choice.
  • Seals made of TPE SEBS are stable to solvents, alkalis, household detergents.
  • We can alter the properties of seals made of TPE (oil-and-petrol resistance, elasticity, hardness, frost-resistance, fire resistance, color…) if necessary by changing the material formula upon the customer’s request.

Seals made of TPE SEBS – homogeneous and have ideal subpsilate surface that makes them easy to assemble in plastic and aluminum constructions. They meet any complex part configuration. Elastic construction of TPE straighten oneself up under deformation when in service, preserves the shape and properties completely.

Standart-prof has its own patent for invention № 2556638, 19.06.2013 that guarantees high quality of sealing gaskets for windows and doors made of TPE SEBS (TPE-S) for many years at different temperature conditions. Products keep their properties influenced by atmospheric forcing.