TPE for injection molding

Our company produces standard injection molded thermoplasticelastomers. These brand sare well processed and can be used in many areas. We have developed a huge number of recipes to meet different requirements (needs) and to optimize the finished product.


  • Hardness 30 to 95 Shore A
  • Melon-filling or without melon-filled
  • Black, transparentornaturalstamps
  • Good adhesion to polypropylene or polyethylene
  • Highelasticity
  • Goodprocessabilitywithinjectionmolding
  • Goodmechanicalproperties
  • Ability to produce grades with food tolerance
  • Operating temperature range from -50С to 110 С
  • 100% recycling


  • Handlesandhandles
  • BathroomFinishing
  • Sealing rubber for consumer goods
  • PipeSeals
  • Capforinfusioncontainer
  • Gasketsforsyringes

TPE for extrusion

Thanks to good processing, high productivity and recycling, thermoplastic elastomers have proven themselves as a replacement for vulcanized rubber in window and door seals. From the TPE of our production it is easy to produce color or co-extrusion seals. We develop unique brands for each client that allows them to optimize production and reduce overhead costs.


  • Complies with GOST 30778-2001
  • Good resistance to bad weather conditions
  • Good resistance to UV radiation
  • Different colors
  • Good residual strain
  • Co-extrusion capability
  • 100% recycling
  • smooth glossy surface


  • Window seals
  • Door seals
  • Hoses
  • Blankingplugs