TPE for car mats

TPE for mats

We have developed TPE for mats. It combines properties of rubber and workability of plastic. The material is good for mats used in passenger compartment, luggage boot, glove compartment, automotive application…

To be used in cars mats should meet high abrasive strength and sliding resistance even when they are wet. The material doesn’t smell and fog. It doesn’t require vulcanization and can be recycled. It’s easier to recycle TPE than EPDM. So it needs less electric power. Its production is much faster and efficient.


  • Ozone and UV resistance
  • Simple way of processing with sort cycle time
  • pot life
  • excellent mechanical data
  • good basic qualification of residual deformation
  • elasticity at low temperatures
  • 100% prefabrication
  • Colorable easily.