TPE for shoes

A series of thermoplastic elastomers based on SBS is designed for the production of shoe bottoms, its main features, abrasion resistance, softness, tensile strength and so on. For example, a pair of good shoes should be very abrasion resistant, have good grip, provide protection Heel and comfortable insole.

This brand of thermoplastic elastomer is used in the production of a wide range of footwear, including sports shoes, slippers and military footwear. TEP has good adhesion properties, thus it is able to work in close contact with other materials, while providing basic requirements for wear resistance and rigidity. Thus, good material, the bottom of the shoe makes the movement easier and comfortable for the foot.


  • Good adhesion
  • Good abrasion
  • Operating temperature -45 to 80 ° C
  • Easy to color
  • Excellent mechanical properties