TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) – Crystallized elastic material. Mixture of polypropylene with unvulcanized rubber, mainly EPDM (EPDM), sometimes with a thermoplastic elastomer (POE). TPO usually refers to a material containing more than 20% rubber, with a smaller amount of rubber, the composition is referred to as an elasticized polypropylene.

  • Operating temperature: -60 / -50 to 100/130 оС.
  • Melting point: approx. 167 ° C.
  • It has a low coefficient of linear thermal expansion.
  • It has very high chemical resistance. Resistant to dilute acids and most alkalis, detergents, oils, polar solvents.
  • Highly weather resistant. Resistant to UV radiation, ozone, moisture.
  • Well recyclable.

Application examples

  • Automotive parts.
  • Instrument panels.
  • Mud flaps.
  • Rugs and pallets.
  • Gaskets. Caps.