EPDM based thermoplastic elastomer vulcanizates (TPV)

TPV compound is a high-quality material with excellent mechanical properties, elasticity and low residual deformation.

TPV, a member of the class of thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), combines in a certain measure the characteristic properties of thermoplastics and elastomers. As a rule, they are systems consisting of two phases: an elastic soft phase (EPDM) and a thermoplastic rigid phase (PP). The soft phase determines elasticity, and the opposite rigid phase provides resistance to temperature effects, strength and workability.

Main factors:

  • Wide range of hardness
  • The material can be recycled in various ways: injection molding, extrusion and vacuum forming
  • Increased resistance to aggressive liquids, such as oils, acids, and alkalis
  • Resistance to UV radiation and ozone
  • Minimal loss of elasticity
  • Minimal loss of elasticity

Areas of application:

  • hose cover
  • luggage rack and window liners
  • window profiles
  • cable insulation
  • elastomeric tools for the medical and food sector